Molinari Private Reserve (MPR) is an extraordinary new wine-infused coffee brand made in the heart of Napa Valley. The creation of Napa Molinari Caffe owner Rick Molinari, MPR initially started as a unique experiment between Rick Molinari and Wild Card Roasters, LLC Master Coffee Roaster, John Weaver. Weaver works closely with Molinari to unite Napa’s renowned food scene with the region’s two most beloved beverages.

Though the idea of wine and coffee is not totally new, Rick’s father use to add it to his coffee at dinner as done in the old country. MPR is the first coffee company to successfully infuse coffee beans with wine. A secret art form, MPR took Molinari two and a half years to perfect. Each regular and decaf blend is made from carefully selected coffee beans that are rehydrated to a specific liquid percentage using a special house made red – created exclusively for Molinari by local Napa wineries – and then dried and roasted. The result is an (alcohol free) rich full-bodied coffee with a blueberry note.

MPR coffee grounds can be prepared in a variety of ways: Latte, Espresso, French Press, Cold, Black, used as a rub, chocolate, ice cream,and more, producing a host of differing flavor profiles. The addition of milk makes the wine more pronounced, while the French Press emphasizes the blueberry essence. And, much like wine, the cooler MPR gets, the more the coffee breathes and opens.